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Jacobsen & T H White Support Trilby Tour


Jacobsen and T H White Support Trilby Tour at Gaudet Luce Golf Club

Jacobsen and local dealer T H White provided tournament support recently as the Trilby Tour, the only televised amateur golf tournament, came to Gaudet Luce Golf Club in Droitwich as part of a series of Regional Championships across the UK.

Jacobsen, together with T H White supplemented the clubs existing Jacobsen machinery for the duration of the tournament. Three Eclipse 322 greens mowers, one GP400 ride-on mower for tees and surrounds, two TR-3 triplex cylinder mowers, two LF570 fairway mowers, one HR600 wide-area rotary mower, two Smithco Tournament Ultra greens rollers, one Turfco Torrent blower, one Cushman Hauler Pro-X and twelve E-Z-Go RXV golf cars were used for maintaining the golf course's championship standard status. The club is part of a growing customer base taking advantage of the recently conceived Textron Golf concept of a "one-stop shop" for turf maintenance equipment across the Jacobsen, E-Z-Go and Cushman brands.

Andrew Laing, Course Manager expressed his appreciation for the support the club received in the lead up to the event.

"I spoke to Simon Bingham from T H White and Steve Alabaster from Jacobsen at BTME earlier in the year about tournament support for this event. They both unreservedly said that they would support us in every capacity and they haven't let us down. We have had a relationship with T H White for over 14 years now and since changing our equipment to Jacobsen back in 2008, we've never looked back. The machinery is reliable and the after-sales support is second to none. I would just like to show my appreciation to Steve, Simon and also Albie, the Debach driver who delivered the support equipment, without them our preparations would not have gone so smoothly, so I can't thank them enough. It's also important to thank all the volunteers from local clubs such as The Worcestershire and Droitwich golf clubs, who have supported us as well. It's times like this that you realise what a fantastic and friendly industry we work in."

Simon Bingham from T H White commented

"It has always been important to us to support our customers both when they ask for it and also when they don't. We pride ourselves on our customer service and Andrew is a brilliant example of the relationship thta we strive to achieve with everyone who walks through our door. The course looked fantastic as always and we look forward to assisting in the same way for future tournaments at the club."

The Trilby Tour is now in its 10th year and has been described as "the fiercest amateur golf tournament". Each regional championship is broadcast on Sky Sports as part of the Trilby Tour series. With annual viewing figues of more than 3.5 million in 2015, the Trilby Tour is officially the largest amateur golf television series in the UK and Europe. It is formed of 10 regional competitions running from the end of May with the final taking place in Hull on 31st August.

The appeal of the tournament lies in it's unusual competitive format, with the top four players of the day going into a 3-hole shootout to decide the champion. Golfers have hailed the Tribly Tour as the closest experience to a prefessional tournament, playing under the pressures of an international televised event.




 Dvorak, the Czech-based manufacturer of the Spider range of remote-controlled slope mowers, has launched its first global social media campaign featuring a giant version of Leonardo da Vinci's famous Mona Lisa portrait, mown on a hillside at Dolni Kalna in the Czech Republic.

The portrait, on a grass canvas measuring 200 metres x 250 metres with a gradient of 45 degrees, was created over a period of three days: two days of detailed surveying and one day mowing, using the company's Spider 1 and Spider 2 mowers. It was filmed by the creative motion picture and digital agency, Mustard, based in Prague.

Using their professional film crew equipped with the latest drone technology, the video shows how this remarkable feat was created. A scale drawing of the famous portrait was used to transfer reference points to the hillside using laser surveying technology and then the skilled Spider operators, including the company's Managing Director, Lubomir Dvorak, mowed the 50,000 square metre image taking direction from the video producer.

Pavlina Novakova, International Marketing Manager explained how the project was developed,

"We wanted to make a video to raise the profile of our product range and our company on a global stage. The germ of an idea was put forward at one of our regular marketing meetings and was gradually developed over a timescale of 6 months. We looked for an iconic image that would be recognised around the globe and decided on Leonardo da Vinci's most famous work. Not only was da Vinci a great artist, but he was also an exceptional engineer. That connection dovetailed perfectly with the innovative technology in our Spider mowers. We realised that it would require professional help, so we contacted Cream, a creative communications agency, also based in Prague who, along with Mustard, took the project forward.

First we had to find a suitable location, obtain permission from the landowner and then wait for the perfect weather conditions. We did consider doing it close to the motorway, but this would have removed the element of surprise for the campaign, as we were convinced many people would take photos of the completed image and post it on social media before the official launch.

We are delighted with the finished video and are hoping it will go viral. So many people were involved in the production and it was a great experience for all of us at Spider to be a part of."

The completed video can be viewed here or for the time-lapse version please click here


Ransomes Jacobsen Celebrates 185 Years of Mower Manufacturing at Ipswich


2017 sees a major milestone in the grounds care industry with Ransomes Jacobsen celebrating its 185th anniversary of mower production at Ipswich.

Edwin Budding's historic lawnmower design was patented in 1830 and JR & A Ransome was the first company to obtain a licence to manufacture this remarkable invention. The first Ransomes manufactured machine for domestic use was produced in 1832 and this signalled the beginning of commercial mower production in the UK.

Although the company no longer produces domestic lawnmowers, they are one of the leading commercial mower manufacturers supplying equipment to golf courses, local authorities, landscape contractors, sports clubs and major sports stadia around the globe.

Alan Prickett, Managing Director of Ransomes Jacobsen commented,

"This is a hugely significant milestone in the history of our company; from this small beginning, we are now one of the leading ground care machinery manufacturers in the world. Ransomes mowers have been supplied to monarchies and nobilities across Europe and Asia and the Ransomes name has become a by-word for quality British engineering. Through the years, the company has had its ups and downs, but today it is a vibrant company with a modern manufacturing plant providing employment and career opportunities to the people of Ipswich. If you look at the ground care manufacturing industry today, you'll find a huge number of people who either began their careers in Ipswich or have worked for the company and this has been the case for decades. On a personal basis, I am delighted to be heading a dynamic management team at this significant moment in the company's history and thank everyone, past and present, for their contribution."


  • Production of the Ransomes Budding begins in Ipswich in 1832.
  • Innovations quickly follow and by 1852 some 1500 improved versions of the 21 inch mower had been produced. In 1870 the range was extended with the introduction of horse-drawn mowers.
  • Shortly after the dawn of the 20th century, Ransomes engineers produced the world's first petrol driven lawnmower. This single innovation in 1902 was to change the way that grass was cut forever.
  • By the end of the 1920's, the Ransomes catalogue featured Quintuple and Septuple gang mowers, using cutting cylinders from horse-drawn triple mowers ganged into combinations of 5 and 7 units.
  • The new White City works in West London opened in 1937 to meet the growing demand for Ransomes mowers.
  • In the late 1930s greenkeepers began to overcome their reluctance to use petrol-driven machines and this was as a result of the introduction of the Overgreen, a machine featuring a power unit with large pneumatic tyres that pulled three Certes cutting units and enabled a single greenkeeper to cut 18 greens in a day.
  • After World War II, a number of new machines were introduced, including the Auto Certes, a mower that developed a worldwide reputation for its exceptionally fine cut.
  • 1964 saw the introduction of the Ransomes Quint, the world's first tractor-mounted, power-driven five-unit gang mower. In the same year, the Motor Triple was launched - a highly manoeuvrable, high output mower which elevated Ransomes to the forefront of the European professional turf care market.
  • In 1978, Ransomes acquired an interest in an American rotary mower manufacturer, which subsequently became a wholly owned subsidiary, Ransomes Inc. The result of this fruitful union was the Motor 180 with power units manufactured in the USA and cutting units built in Ipswich.
  • The Motor 213, a hydraulically driven triple reel mower for the local authority market was launched in 1982. This high work rate, ride-on triplex mower heralded the change from large-scale pedestrian-operated mowing practices to more productive and cost-effective maintenance of roadside verges and housing areas.
  • 1988 and Ransomes acquired Cushman Ryan, the US manufacturer, which provided access to the Cushman Turf Truckster and its wide range of accessories for topdressing, spraying, aeration and other maintenance duties on sports turf areas.
  • The E-Plex is introduced in 1994, the world's first electric ride-on triplex greens mower, providing noise and pollution-free mowing of turf, particularly golf greens in suburban areas.
  • In 1998, Textron Inc, the multi-industry US company operating in 33 countries with approximately 37,000 employees, acquires Ransomes plc and establishes Textron Turf Care & Speciality Products group.
  • The company re-branded in 2001 as Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd, focusing on core brands; Ransomes for local authority and municipal mowers and Jacobsen for the golf sector.
  • 2003 sees the launch of a dedicated environmental programme under the "Driving Environmental Performance" strapline.
  • Ransomes Jacobsen produces the first hybrid walking greens mower in 2007 and the first hybrid riding greens mower in 2009.
  • In 2016, Jacobsen signs a contract to become the "Official Machinery Supplier of the Ryder Cup 2018".



  • A catalogue from 1851, published for the Great Exhibition in Hyde Park included a 16-inch Budding grass mower priced at £6 5s. Today the Ransomes MP653 wide-area rotary mower retails at around £60,000.
  • In 1904, two years after the introduction of the first motor mower, King Edward VII requested a demonstration of the 30-inch version and two were purchased for Buckingham Palace gardens.
  • Ransomes introduced Britain's first battery-powered electric truck in 1920 and in 1926 produced the first mains electric operated lawnmower.
  • During World War II, the Ransomes factories in White City and Ipswich produced bomb trolleys, trailers for 25-pounder guns and parts for Bren gun carriers, Crusader tanks, Rolls-Royce aero engines and Mosquito aircraft.
  • An extract from the 1954 accounts records sales of 42,000 hand mowers, 1,100 gang mowers and 9,500 motor mowers.


Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk Keeps Coast Cut With Ransomes


The Borough Council of King's Lynn & West Norfolk has purchased 5 Ransomes Parkway Meteor flail mowers to maintain King's Lynn, Downham Market, Hunstanton and surrounding coastal areas. The council has implemented a new grass cutting regime, which now sees the borough's green spaces being cut 6 to 12 times per season. With a total of 650 acres to maintain, the council chose to purchase the Ransomes Parkway Meteor flail mowers to increase productivity whilst maintaining a high-quality finish.

Chris Durham, Operations Manager for the council commented on the decision:

"The council has used Ransomes machines for many years now, and they are by far the most reliable and durable that we have used. As our requirements have changed over the years, Ransomes has been able to provide us with the right equipment for the job without compromising on quality. For us, there isn't another machine that could replace the Meteor; the build quality is in a league of its own. One Meteor will maintain an area of 82 acres, which is quite a considerable distance. The council is trying to be more efficient and economical, which has been achieved by decreasing the number of machines, but increasing their productivity. We now spend less time cutting grass and the savings we make are able to be invested into other projects to benefit the community."

Steve Appleton is the Operations Assistant and Mechanic at the Borough Council. Commenting on the new machines, Steve said:

"The flail mowers are doing a great job for the council. They're able to plough through anything in front of them in a way which I personally haven't seen with any other machine. The overall feedback from the operators has been very positive. They have all commented on the ease-of-use of the Parkway Meteors and how comfortable they are to operate, which is also very important."


Iseki Tractors "Behind-the-scenes" at Olympia Horse Show

Ransomes Jacobsen recently loaned several Iseki tractors to the Olympia Horse show for the second year running. The show was held at The Grand Hall in Hammersmith, London.

The tractors on loan included the new TLE3400 with loader attachment, a TH4335, a TG6370 IQ and both the TG6490 HST and TG6490 IQ variants.

Tim Henson is the Backstage Manager at the London International Horse Show. He is responsible for the organisation and management of all activities and logistics before the show is unveiled to the public. Commenting on the build-up to the show, Tim said: "We are extremely grateful to Ransomes Jacobsen for loaning us the Iseki tractors. I have worked at the London International Horse Show for 22 years now and I wish we had these tractors back then!"

The tractors are used to move all of the equipment, such as the show jumps, in and out of the arena areas. The TLE3400 is Iseki's new premium economy tractor. It features a three-speed hydrostatic transmission and an impressive lift capacity of 1000kg, making it suitable for a range of tasks, including lifting and towing.

Commenting on the performance of the tractors, Tim said: "The machines are very reliable; they have exceeded our expectations and deliver around the clock, which is exactly what we want when we have so much to do in so little time. We have 5 tractor drivers and the feedback from all of them has been astoundingly positive. The tractors are extremely user-friendly; the operators haven't had any issues working out how to use a tractor when jumping from one machine to the other. They are also particularly adept at navigating small spaces in and around the show areas, which of course makes life much easier for us; without doubt, we have saved ourselves a lot of time with these machines"

John Quinton, UK and Ireland Sales Manager at Ransomes Jacobsen said:

"We are delighted that a range of Iseki tractors have been used throughout the Olympia Horse Show. The TG6 and TLE series of tractors are already proving very popular in the municipal, grounds maintenance and agricultural markets and we are very excited to showcase these machines at Olympia each year."


Old Saltleians Rugby Club Secures Grant to Purchase Iseki

Old Saltleians Rugby Club, located in Birmingham, has received a grant of £5000 from the Rugby Football Foundation (RFF), a Limited Company Charity set up by the Rugby Football Union (RFU) in 2003.

The RFF Groundmatch Grant Scheme aims to provide "easy-to-access grant funding for capital projects which contribute to the recruitment and retention of community rugby players". Old Saltleians Rugby Club applied for funding to purchase grounds maintenance equipment for it's 12-acre facility.

Club Chairman Peter Holmes and Secretary Colin Gardner sought advice from Keith Kent, the RFU Head Groundsman, about the best machinery options for the club. Explaining the decision making process, Peter said:

"Keith's input towards this project has been really helpful. We are a small local club with very limited funds and have always used second-hand machinery. We explained our situation to Keith and, without hesitation, he recommended Iseki's new premium economy tractor: the TLE3400. We took his advice, and with the money secured from the grant, we purchased the tractor with a roller mower attachment to go with it."

Old Saltleians, is one of the first in the country to purchase the new tractor from Iseki. The TLE3400 is part of the TL Series of compact tractors and features a 38hp engine, a three-speed hydrostatic transmission system and a lift capacity of 1000kg, making it a powerful and versatile piece of equipment ideal for sports fields, schools and other grounds maintenance applications.

In addition to his club secretary duties, Colin Gardner also operates the tractor. Commenting on the new piece of equipment, Colin said:

"We are over the moon with our new piece of kit. The tractor is extremely easy to use; we have a groundsman, Steve Loveridge, and a part-time groundsman, Luke Turner, and all of us were able to pick up the controls very quickly. It's a versatile tractor; in the future, we'll look at buying more attachments for it, but it's great to know that it has the capacity for us to be able to use it for a multitude of groundcare practises. I can't find any faults with it; I almost wish the grass would grow quicker so I can use it more often!"

Peter and Colin both claim that the purchase will mean significant savings being made in fuel and servicing costs due to the efficient and reliable reputation of Iseki machinery. The tractor was supplied by local Ransomes Jacobsen dealer T H White. Commenting on the purchasing experience, Peter said:

"I have been very impressed with our local dealer. You hear about some smaller clubs who get disregarded unless they're placing a large order, but T H White has been extremely professional and helpful throughout the whole process. T H White carried out a BAGMA installation process which ensured that all of our operators were fully trained and competent whilst using the machinery, which was reassuring and provided us with confidence moving forwards."

Old Saltleians Rugby Club was established in 1933, six years after Mr W J Lawrie was appointed headmaster of Saltley Grammar School and introduced rugby football to the school. Today, the club comprises of junior, senior, mini and ladies teams.

To find out more information about the RFF grant schemes,







We are pleased to announce that T H White has added a new brand to its Machinery Imports business. We have signed contracts to become the sole UK & ROI distributor for the Spider range of remote-controlled mowers and will begin distributing these with immediate effect to our established network of professional dealers.

Dvorak, an innovative engineering company and the owners of Spider mowers, previously distributed this range through Jacobsen into the UK. The Spider products are well known to T H White as we have been selling them through our Groundcare dealerships for 12 years.

Spider are slope mower specialists who introduced remote-control technology to cater for mowing operations in dangerous environments. Often termed the "safest mower on the market", these models achieve high productivity in difficult terrain with fantastic climbing ability. Operators can keep a safe distance when mowing next to highways, deep water or on unstable surfaces and these light-weight machines are able to operate on inclines of up to 40 degrees. Add the integrated hydraulic winch and this increases to a whopping 55 degrees - an incline people would find it difficult to navigate. This versatility is complemented by a high quality of cut.

This new brand will further strengthen our offering and the new Stockbridge site. It is an extremely exciting venture and one which our dedicated and experienced Machinery Imports team will no doubt take in their stride.





Jacobsen recently announced that 2016 marks the company's 95th year in business. Founded in 1921 by Oscar Jacobsen, the company remains committed to helping turf managers present world class conditions every day.

During the company's 95 year history, Jacobsen developed many revolutionary products that helped to advance the turf management industry.

A few notable milestones include:

1921 - Oscar Jacobsen founds the company and releases the 4-acre mower. Intended for use on "the vast estates of millionaires", the mower boasted a cutting capacity of four acres a day, a huge feat at the time.

1923 - Just two years later, Jacobsen again makes history with the introduction of the world's first cast aluminium professional greens mower (PGM). The Jacobsen PGM can still be found on courses like Oakmont Country Club, host of this year's US Open.

1955 - Jacobsen unveils another major breakthrough with the introduction of the first rotary mower for home use that uses 4 reversible rotary cutting blades.

1968 - Jacobsen leads the way by producing the world's first riding greens mower, the Greens King, which becomes the standard of the turf maintenance industry.

1986 - The industry's first Turf Groomer is introduced by Jacobsen and serves as a major advancement in greens care by increasing green speed without lowering the height of cut.

1989 - The legendary LF-100 light fairway mower is introduced, specifically designed from the ground up, to be as light as possible, providing less compaction and healthier turf.

1998 - Textron buys Ransomes, a British company with a 200 year history manufacturing agriculture and turf maintenace tractors, mowers and accessories.

2009 - Jacobsen unveils the revolutionary ECLIPSE 322 riding greens mower, the industry's first triplex without any hydraulics.

2014 - Textron acquires Dixie Chopper, an Indiana-based manufacturer of zero-turn radius mowers for commercial and residential markets.

2016 - Jacobsen introduces the HR Series of wide-area rotaries, which offer industry-leading productivity, serviceability and comfort.


"Since Oscar Jacobsen founded the company 95 years ago, his original vision hasn't really changed much over the years" said David Withers, president and CEO of Jacobsen.  "He set out to provide equipment that helped turf managers provide superior conditions, maximise productivity and reduce costs. From his original putting greens mower to today's HR Series of wide-area rotary mowers, we've delivered on that vision for 95 years. And now it's the countdown to our centennial in 2021, when we will celebrate our 100 year anniversary."

With over 95 years of experience in the turf maintenance industry, Jacobsen, has built a legacy of precision craftsmanship, legendary quality of cut and unmatched expertise. Dedicated solely to delivering perfectly groomed turf, Jacobsen equipment is used on some of the finest formal turf areas across the United States and the world, through an extensive distribution network and the international Ransomes brand.



                    1921                                                   1968


                     1989                                                      2016


Jacobsen equipment prepares Rio golf course as Justin Rose wins Gold

Justin Rose of Team GB won golf's first Olympic gold medal in 112 years, watched by a global TV audience estimated at more than 3.6 billion. The course was exclusively prepared using Jacobsen equipment with more than 40 machines used during the grow-in and build-up period, supplemented by a fleet of tournament support machines and Jacobsen technicians for the event.

Englishman Neil Cleverly was appointed Course Superintendent early on in the project, as the earth moving and shaping began. After seeding and turfing got underway in May 2014, Jacobsen signed a preferred supplier agreement with the owners of the course; Neil has been on site almost every day galvanising and training the team to produce a superb championship facility.

Commenting on his Jacobsen fleet, he said

"The Jacobsen equipment is extremely versatile and is doing a great job on the course. The Eclipse 322 can be manipulated to be used as either a triplex or as a single mowing unit, and the TR3 is a universal tool; it's a semi-heavy duty machine that does a huge amount of work and produces a fantastic cut, even on steep banks. We needed a company to meet the requirements of both the golf course and the associated bodies, such as PGA, the Olympic Committee, IGF and deliver on a project that is being seen worldwide, where golf pros will compete for medals for the first time in over 100 years."

David Withers, President of Jacobsen said

"Congratulations to Justin Rose on his historic win; it's a fantastic achievement. However, the unsung hero of this event is Course Superintendent Neil Cleverly, together with his team, who have worked tirelessly over the past 3 years to prepare such superb conditions for the competitors. One of the deciding factors in winning the business was having a local distributor in Brazil. ProGolf has represented the Jacobsen brand since 2012 as well as Ryan, Turfco and Smothco; three companies with whom we have an excellent working relationship across the globe.

"It's obviously a tremendous accolade to be associated with the Rio golf course and, once again, we're delighted to be involved with the world's most prestigious sporting event, as we have been for many decades. This was a particularly important win for us, as it marked the return of golf after more than a century.

"Finally best wishes to all of the women competitors, whose event begins in a few day's time. I'm sure the course will be equally pristine, when they compete for their medals."


Newest Ransomes MP Series wide-are mower



The MP653 XC, the world's first batwing mower with a 4.27 metre cutting width.

Ransomes Jacobsen has launched the latest machine in their MP series of wide-area mowers. The Ransomes MP653XC is the world's first and only wide area rotary mower with a 4.27m (14 foot) cutting width, increasing productivity by up to 25% (up to 1 hectare per hour more) over traditional 3.5m (11 foot) mowers. Designed and manufactured at Ransomes Jacobsen's european headquarters in Ipswich, the MP Series is primarily targeted at the municipal sector and provides multiple options from a single design platform.

The initial two machines in the MP Series were the MP493 and MP653, wide area rotary mowers powered by 49hp and 65hp diesel engine and featuring three all-new rotary decks - one out-front and two wing decks. In June 2015 the next 2 machines were launched using the same operator platform but with 5 cylinder cutting units instead of rotary decks. The MP495 and MP655 are replacements for the Ransomes Commander, the stalwart of municipal wide-area cylinder mowers, first introduced back in 1993.

The Ransomes MP653XC is the largest in the MP Series and is powered by a 65hp Kubota diesel engine. Using the same proven powertrain, hydraulics and platform, the decks and cutting systems have been upgraded to achieve this new 4.27 cutting width. It will deliver a zero uncut cirle for effortless back and forth mowing and manoevring around tight obstacles.

The use of lightweight, high-strength steel resluts in a significant reduction in gross weight which contributes to greater fuel svaings, a reduction in trailer weight requirements and reduced ground pressure. The MP653XC again features the popular AdaptiCut system which automatically adjusts mow speed to ensure consistent cut performance, even when mowing through thick grass.

The outer decks fold up for transportation, whilst still providing excellent sideways visibility for the operator when driving on the road and distributes weight for improved stability and ride quality. The ergonomic design provides an impressive transport width of just 1.67 metres. All units are held in place for transport with an electrically operated fail-safe locking system.

The high specification operator station, common to the MP Series, is fully adjustable to keep operators of all sizes comfortable, ensuring a productive days mowing. The controls are common to the other Ransomes ride-on mowers - Highway 3, Parkway 3 HR300 and MP493/MP653, making it simple for operators to transfer betwee machines in multiple fleet applications.

The InCommand control system provides on-board diagnostics for quick and easy troubleshooting and displays maintenance reminders on-screen to ensure that service schedules are adhered to, reducing downtime and getting maximum productivity from the machine. Mowing speed and transport speeds can also be adjusted and set using a password code providing peace of mind for contract and fleet managers.

Everyday maintenace and servicing has been made as simple as possible with easy access to the fuel and hydraulc oil reservoirs, which reduces the possibility of fuel and il spillages and also provides easy viewing of the hydraulic oil level. Quick-release side panels provide instant access to all major service items, which encourages maintenance schedules to be followed and not ignored due to inaccessibility.

As with all of the MP Series, the Ransomes MP653XC features the SureTrac traction control system, which automatically transfers power from a slipping front wheel to the opposite rear wheel, ensuring superior control when hill climbing or working on side slopes. It also features 4 wheel drive in reverse, which improves traction when reversing uphill. For additional safety, the optional TST tilt control system can be fitted;it emits audible warnings when an operator exceeds the mowers maximum working angle and eventually shuts down the mowing process if the persistent warnings are ignored.

Lee Kristensen, Ransomes Jacobsen's Product Manager said

"The engineering teams really pushed the boundaries with smart weight savings and efficient systems that have allowed us to move this platform up to the next level of productivity. All This has been done while maintaining a very agile platform. It's created a unique mower - the likes of which has not been seen before; a mower that is equally at home trimming around park furniture or mowing vast open spaces with equal efficiency."




Ransomes Jacobsen Ltd, the Ipswich based manufacturer of commercial mowing equipment and its French branch, Ransomes Jacobsen France based in Toulouse, have recently signed a preferred supplier agreement with Golf National for the next 5 years following a tender late in 2015. The prestigious golf course, which belongs to the French Federation of Golf and will soon host The Ryder Cup, has demonstrated its confidence in Ransomes Jacobsen France, who have supplied equipment since 2010.

Opened to the public in 1990, the impressive golfing venue hosts multiple national and international competitions every year, including the Men's French Open. It consists of 3 courses: The Albatros - 18-hole championship course; The Aigle - a second 18-hole course and The Oiselet - a 9-hole course used mainly for training.

In 2018, Golf National will host The Ryder Cup, the prestigious competition between Europe and the USA, which will be played on the renovated Albatros course. It will be unveiled at the end of June for the 2016 Open de France.

To ensure that all of the courses are maintained in pristine condition, a total of 70 items of turf maintenance equipment will be delivered shortly, including 36 mowers, 21 utility vehicles and 13 miscellaneous products.

One of the main contractual commitments made by Ransomes Jacobsen and its French branch concerns the preparation and support for the Open de France tournament. This obligation will take the form of regular technical training for the Golf National staff to ensure the correct use and maintenance procedures for the entire fleet in accordance with the manufacturers specifications.

In the run-up to the event, the products will be tested in tournament conditions for a week and 24-hour support will be provided by representatives from both Ransomes Jacobsen in England and France during the entire week of the Open. Furthermore, a number of additional tournament support machines will be there to assist the intensive maintenance essential to the smooth running of the competition.

Commenting on the supplier agreement, Paul-Ian Armitage, General Manager of Golf National said

"You don't change a winning team! We are very happy to renew our supplier agreement for the upcoming 5 years with Ransomes Jacobsen, our existing business partner. Our offer to tender was exemplarily conducted, but the solutions provided in the tender, on a technical, customer care level and, obviously on a financial level by Ransomes Jacobsen allowed us to maintain this relationship and thus not change a tried and tested team."

"Golf National now enters the most important period of its history, a period during which the quality of the 3 courses will be scrutinised by the players and the media worldwide - we enter this period with confidence hand in hand with Ransomes Jacobsen to deliver experiences of the highest level possible."

Commenting on the importance of this relationship, Alan Prickett, Managing Director of Ransomes Jacobsen stated

We are delighted that Golf National has shown the utmost confidence in the Jacobsen brand and for a further 5 years. The team at Ransomes Jacobsen France can take great credit for the manner in which they have supported Golf National over the previous 5 years and their commitment to this client has been a major factor in securing the agreement, together with quality equipment that meets the client's needs. "


Jean Lou Charon (Left), President of the French Federation of Golf and Alan Prickett (Right), Managing Director of Ransomes Jacobsen following the signing of the agreement with Golf National




Dustin Johnson won the 116th US Open Championship at Oakmont Country Club on greens prepared with specially adapted Jacobsen PGM 22 walking mowers. In a controversial final round, he held off the challenge of Shane Lowry, Jim Furyk and Scott Piercy to win by three strokes with a final score of 276.

This latest US Open was a record 9th time that Oakmont had staged the event and much has been said about the famed course over the years and its unrivalled reputation as being tournament ready every day of the year.

John Zimmers, the Superintendent of Oakmont Country Club said

"When you say things like tournament ready or championship ready, these are the expectations of Oakmont Country Club and what we strive for our members every day. Part of our history, the culture here at Oakmont has always been about firm and fast greens. Our greens are very unique poa annua grass that we found are best maintained with a Jacobsen PGM 22 fitted with a 19" reel on a 22" roller. I've been using them since I first arrived here in 1999.

I've been doing this for years now and we've tried other mowers, other technology and we've always come back to this mower. It cuts better, you get a better green speed, better quality of cut, better performance, better turf health and it's just undoubtedly, hands down the best mower for Oakmont greens"

David Delsandro, Director of US Open Operations and Projects added

"Of course, the high level of expectations of Oakmont brings a certain level of stress, but we embrace that pressure and although we really don't maintain the course that differently for the US Open, we focus on what we normally do and let our body of work show for itself.

The new Jacobsen HR700 rotary enables us to meet the USGA specifications for rough mowing and we can mow through at a 5 inch height of cut and as a result, get a more uniform, denser stand of rough."

Lee Travino once said that there's only one course in the country where you could step out right now - right now - and play the US Open, and that's Oakmont.

What the team at Oakmont 'normally' does is nothing short of incredible, consistently providing green speeds over 13-14 feet, in addition to maintaining 210 bunkers and keeping 300 acres looking picture-perfect every day. Even the famed church pews get special attention to ensure they look good year round as it's not unusual to have visitors in the dead of winter wanting to see them.

"Ultimately, it goes back to what course designer Henry Fownes originally wanted: a very brutal test of golf, but fair," said Zimmers. "And I think that's really how you describe the US Open, you want the players to grind and the best player will get the trophy."

"We recently renewed our fleet of greens mowers and local Jacobsen dealer, Krigger & Co came in and replicated the identical set-up of our mowers, which have been dialled in so precisely for our needs." Delsandro added.

For Zimmers, one of the most rewarding things about working at Oakmont is seeing his team come together and realise how much they have accomplished.

"Right now, we have a very special group of young men, who are starting to see in these last few weeks the results of all their hard work and dedication. They can look back and appreciate what they did on those cold March mornings. And, best of all, it will be very rewarding for me to see where these young men will be in a few years and how successful they will undoubtedly be."


An Oakmont Country Club maintenance team member uses a Jacobsen PGM walking greens mower on an early morning mow at the US Open.



Oakmont Country used the new 14 foot HR700 rotary mower to meet the USGA's rough specifications, which call for a 5 inch height of cut. The mower is seen here in front of Oakmont's iconic clubhouse.



A Jacobsen HR700 maintaining the rough near Oakmont's famed "Church Pews", a course feature that Superintendent John Zimmers keeps maintained year-round for visitors.


McConnel ROBO2016 Event

The three-day event will take place from Tuesday March 15 to Thursday March 17 in Ludlow, Shropshire – and will give you a chance to see our state-of-the-art ROBO technology in action in real working environments.


A comprehensive range of machines         -         

ROBOPOWER, ROBOLOAD, ROBOCUT, ROBOMOZ AND ROBOZERO will all be on show and you'll also get a chance to see a comprehensive range of attachments from stump grinders to snow blowers. 





  • Hands-on experience with the full-range of ROBO machines
  • Opportunity to view McConnel’s powerful new 80hp ROBOMAX
  • The largest collection of ROBO machines ever assembled
  • Eye-catching working demos
  • A comprehensive range of ROBO attachments
  • Expert advice from product specialists
  • Free refreshments throughout the day
  • One-off discounts only available at the event
  • And a free goody bag of limited-edition ROBO merchandise


The event will take place outdoors at a special demonstration site (Full details to come).

First chance to try out the new ROBOMAX

Designed for working in hazardous, hard-to-reach, and restricted-access sites, ROBOMAX features a powerful 80hp diesel engine, a unique low-centre of gravity design for enhanced stability, and easy to master controls with a 150m working range.

Join us for the ROBO2016 event in March and see this new model in action for the first time.

Straight to the point at Surrey's West Hill Golf Club

Within 48 hours of delivery, the team at West Hill Golf Club, Surrey had used their new Wiedenmann Terra Spike to aerate over 1.5 hectares of greens to a handsome depth of 21cm with very favourable results.

Course Manager, Ben Edwards, who welcomed the new XP 210 machine, said he fully anticipated the deep tine aerator to be capable but was instantly delighted with its speed, neatness and quality of work.

The XP 210 is Wiedenmann UK's widest and deepest machine in its fleet of 10 Terra Spikes. West Hill targeted it specifically to deal with a long-standing panning issue.

"We've got Bagshot Sand which pans out quite hard right across the course," said Ben, "The Wiedenmann is the only machine that works comfortably at the level we require. We need to get way down to 20-21cm to break it up but with this machine we're really confident it will start to improve immediately; by around October when we get lots of moisture, I'm hoping to see a huge difference. It's amazingly clean for such a big machine."

"We'll use the XP literally everywhere. We've started off with 20mm tines in a 200mm square hole pattern for the tees, approaches and fairways and will change to pencil tines the next time we do the greens. We are pairing it with our John Deere M series tractor, it works well with the 2.1m width of the aerator which is wider than the tractor span, so there are no issues with tyres backing over ground we've just completed. We'll use it as much as possible and when the ground conditions are right, it's going to be very busy."

West Hill Golf Club is consistently recognised within the UK's 100 leading courses and has a greenkeeping team of nine. Local Wiedenmann dealer for the area is T H WHITE at Reading with representative, Phil Beeny, providing on-going sales support.


Pictured: West Hill's greenkeeper Sam Sweetzer putting the new Wiedenmann XP through its paces


Ransomes Jacobsen to showcase MP Series at Saltex

Ransomes Jacobsen will be showcasing their latest Ransomes MP Series on stand H090 at SALTEX in November.


The Ransomes MP Series of wide area mowers combines two alternative power units with prodigious output using either a batwing rotary or a five-gang cylinder format. Designed from the ground up with community at the forefront, you are invited to come along to stand H090 to see these two exceptional mowers that replace the HR6010 and the Commander.

Ransomes will also be showcasing other equipment such as the Cushman utility vehicles, Iseki tractors and both Turfco and Ryan turf maintenance equipment.


Top Turfgrass Student Awarded at Myerscough College

Michael Boyes is awarded the honour of Top Turfgrass Student at Myerscough College Graduation Ceremony

Michael Boyes (left) was presented with his award by
David Timms (right)Regional Sales Manager at Ransomes Jacobsen.


Michael Boyes, Assistant Golf Course Superintendent at the Trump International Golf Club in Dubai, is this year's recipient of the Ransomes Jacobsen sponsored Best Student Award at Myerscough College.

For the past 2 years, Michael has been studying for his BSc Sportsturf Science and Management degree and graduated this summer. By his own admission, he was a 'late starter' entering the industry in 2005 at the age of 35.

"With many of my peers half my age, I have striven to progress both professionally and academically playing 'catch-up' on both fronts," he said. "I completed my NVQ levels II and III Greenkeeping in record time and have twice been a Regional Finalist in Toro's Student Greenkeeper of the Year Award. I worked as a Senior Greenkeeper/Spray Technician at The Grove before moving to Spain to work on Jack Nicklaus Design courses as Golf Club Supervisor. Following that I was Assistant in Training (AIT) at Loch Lomond Golf Club. In 2013, I completed my Foundation Degree in Sportsturf and was fortunate enough to be awarded the Barenburg Turf Award for the highest marks in my year. I have a thirst for knowledge and through volunteering at tour events, I have been able to gain valuable experience and take advantage of the networking opportunities that this brings. I have just enrolled for the new MA Sustainable Golf Course Management, so it seems studying is in my blood! I'm delighted to be the 2015 recipient of the Ransomes Jacobsen award and I'm looking forward to joining the BIGGA Future Turf Managers' Initiative next spring, which is part of the winning package."

Course Tutor, Stewart Brown said,

"Michael is an excellent student and one of our R&A Scholars. He has a fantastic work ethic and consistently produced work of an excellent standard. He has completed his BSc (Hons) degree in two years and thoroughly deserves this Higher Education accolade, sponsored by Ransomes Jacobsen."


Stephen Hull wins Ransomes Jacobsen's Further Education Award

Stephen Hull, who completed his BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma in Sportsturf
won the Ransomes Jacobsen Further Education Award.

Course Tutor, David Leach commented,

"Stephen gained a distinction in every module on this course, which is extremely rare. Practically he is brilliant and was a real leader within the group. He runs a turf and gardening business and is also a part-time firefighter. Given the right opportunity, he will forge a great career in the turfgrass industry."



Golf returns to the Olympic Games after 112 years.

Jacobsen machines, built at the company's manufacturing facilities in Ipswich, UK and Charlotte, USA are maintaining the Rio Olympic Golf Course as golf returns to the Olympic Games after a 112 year absence.

After winning the exclusive supply contract for mowing equipment, Jacobsen machines have been mowing the course for the past 15 months as construction finished and grow-in progressed.

Initially, 18 machines were delivered in June 2014 and included three Eclipse2 walking greens mowers, two Eclipse 322 hybrid powered ride-on greens mowers, four Greens King walking mowers, one SLF1880 super-light fairway mower, two LF3800 fairway mowers, three Turfcat out-front ride-on rotary mowers, two UK built TR3 reel mowers for tees and surrounds and one GA30 pedestrian aerator.

By the time the first test event takes place early in 2016, a total of 35 Jacobsen turf maintenance machines will be employed at the course. During the Olympics, the course will be in constant use for 14 days and a team of Jacobsen technicians will be running the maintenance facility to provide 24-hour support.

Englishman Neil Cleverly was appointed Course Superintendent in June 2013 and has worked closely with Gil Hanse, the Course Architect, whose design was chosen as the preferred option from 8 high-profile entries. Hanse was voted "Architect of the Year" by Golf Magazine in 2009, the same year that one of his designs, Castle Stuart in Scotland, was considered to be the "The Best New International Course".

The mix of grass species is an interesting one with Zeon Zoysia used extensively on tees, surrounds, fairways and roughs, while SeaDwarf Paspalum is used on greens. Both species are drought tolerant and the Paspalum is also saltwater tolerant, which is important as the quality of the irrigation water will be variable.

Alan Prickett, Managing Director of Ransomes Jacobsen UK said

"We are, once again, delighted to be involved in the Olympic Games and it continues a tradition which goes back over many decades. This was a particularly important win for us, as it marks the return of Golf as an Olympic sport after more than a century, and it is sure to be one of the high-profile events of the Games.

One of the deciding factors in our winning of the contract was that we have a distributor in Brazil. ProGolf has represented the Jacobsen brand in Brazil since 2012 as well as Ryan, Turfco and Smithco; three companies with whom we have excellent working relationships across the globe. ProGolf's core business is golf course construction and they are working as sub-contractors at the Olympic course."

The course, which features natural vegetation, extensive bunkers, a lagoon and sandy rough ground lining the fairways, is now completely grassed and well on schedule for the first test event. During the Games, it will host two 60-competitor tournaments with the women's event following the men's competition over a two week period. It will accommodate 2,500 spectators in grandstands with space for a further 17,500 around the course.



Wessex Award for T H WHITE Groundcare

The Grasscare division of the T H WHITE Group has received an award for the excellent level of commitment to the Wessex ProLine turf machinery range. A Wessex dealer for many years, it is only the second season for T H WHITE as a dedicated ProLine dealer, making the receipt of the award all the more impressive. Wessex groundcare equipment has a rich heritage   stretching back over six decades, with roller mowers, out-front flail and rotary mowers, leaf and multifunctional collectors forming today’s range. The award reflects the T H WHITE dedication in being very proactive and professional with a long list of practical demonstrations and resulting sales. They were commended for their very forward thinking by Wessex Southern Territory Sales Manager, Steve James, who presented the award in the new Wessex showroom at the recently opened Andover headquarters. T H WHITE were cited as a professional Wessex dealer with high profile customers who are benefitting from excellent levels of customer service.

T H WHITE Director Tim Lane, who received the award on behalf of the Grasscare Division said: “We are absolutely delighted to receive this reward from Wessex in recognition of our efforts. Wessex are very focussed on the professional machinery user with the Proline range and this aligns very well with our overall strategy. With their local facility in Andover the support has been excellent and we look forward to strengthening our relationship well into the future.”

T H WHITE is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of grass and groundscare equipment, operating from four locations, and are the supplier of choice to many Local Authorities, golf courses and groundscare contractors from the Midlands through the south and west of England.

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Groundcare team wins national award from global manufacturer

On 11 October several members of the T H WHITE Groundcare team attended a UK Dealer Conference delivered by Textron Specialized Vehicles in Colchester.

Textron Specialized Vehicles (TSV) is a global manufacturer with subsidiary brands including Ransomes, Jacobsen, E-Z-GO, Cushman and more in the UK. During the conference, the team was given an update on future products and the opportunity to see the machinery up close, including the new MAR series of mowers, the HM600 and the ELiTE golf car range.

As part of the event, TSV conducted their annual awards ceremony, and the T H WHITE Groundcare team was delighted to be awarded with the 2017 UK and Ireland Premier Service Dealer of the Year award, as well as a Certificate of Commendation for the Proturf Dealer of the Year award category.