Textron Fleet Management

Textron Fleet Management – GPS solutions for Golf


Textron Fleet Management, or TFM, is a brand-new GPS solution for golf clubs, accessible from any web-based device at any time.

TFM offers numerous, exciting benefits for Golf Clubs and their members, including geo-fencing and improved on-course safety, digital scorecards, on-course food & drink ordering and real-time vehicle status updates.


TFM Benefits

Information at your fingertips

As a completely web-based solution, TFM can be accessed through any device at any time, whether in the clubhouse or marshalling out on the course. It shows you the status of all your tracked vehicles in real-time, including the pace and battery levels. You can also see historic trails for each vehicle and vehicle utilisation reports to ensure you’re getting the best from your fleet.


Better communication with golfers

The TFM systems enable real-time two-way communication with your golfers. You can also create short surveys and send individual or automated messages which buggy users can respond to using the intuitive touch screen.


Safety and Geofencing

Geofence boundaries can be set up for select areas or the whole course, with short-term boundaries added easily and quickly to avoid temporary hazards. Geofence boundaries can be displayed clearly on the screens in-car, reducing the need to message golfers and offering the ability to message, warn or lock a car remotely. TFM offers the ability to automatically lock vehicles should they stray beyond the geofence boundary, ensuring safety at all times.

You can also display a warning and look-ahead messages which can appear at specific points on the course, such as for blind shots, inclines and crossings.


Speed Enforcement

With TFM you can improve the safety and wellbeing around your course for all users, as well as reducing the risk to your assets. Through the geofencing system, you can clearly mark low-speed areas as well as hazards such as crossings or bridges. Should buggy users contravene the speed rules, you have the option to display a warning message or remotely lock the vehicle.


Advertising and increased revenue

Through TFM you can create and send short surveys and adverts to your golf car users, as well as displaying messages to them throughout their time on the course. Messages can be set to appear at certain points of the course, which could lead to increased revenue through sponsorship opportunities or promotion of offers available at the club.


On-Course Ordering

The TKV 10EX and 7EX offer the opportunity for golfers to order food and beverages directly through the TFM system while on the course.

Use the simple user module to create a menu of food and/or drink options and instantly see orders and beverage cart requests coming through in real-time.


Utilisation and Pace of Play

The intuitive TFM system enables you to maintain a complete record of fleet utilisation, both in real-time on the course and looking back. Using this information you can recognise which buggies are being underutilised or overworked, which helps when needing to schedule maintenance and servicing.

Not only that, TFM can measure the pace of play, helping you to understand the flow of play on the course and recognise any pinch-points around the course.



If you have a VIP attending or a golfer with a disability, you can mark their vehicle using TFM for specific attention. This enables you to provide preferential treatment as well as monitor their round in case they need extra support, time or space, or in the case of an emergency.


Tournament Management

TFM works seamlessly with Golf Genius Software, giving you the option to manage tournaments and events with ease. With multiple formats and options available, including live leaderboards, your golfers will also have the ability to see the digital scoring system from the comfort of their golf car too.


Digital Scorecards

With TFM you have the option to enable golfers to email their scorecards to themselves, giving them the chance to track their performance over time digitally, and saving resources for the club. Alternatively, members can request to have their scorecards printed and collect them upon their return to the clubhouse at the end of the round.


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