The safest mower on the market


Spider remote controlled mowers are often termed the ‘safest mower on the market’.

Specially developed for mowing in challenging, high slope environments, Spider mowers are perfect for terrain that is steep, uneven or dangerous, such as on highway verges, around reservoirs or lakes, in airports and airfields, railway embankments, heritage sites and alongside canals and rivers.


With operators able to maintain a safe distance of up to 150 feet from any dangers using a remote control, these lightweight machines can operate comfortably on inclines up to 40 degree, or 55 degrees if using the integrated hydraulic winch, on grass up to 2 inches thick.


The ILD01 and ILD02 models feature patented 360-degree unlimited steering, forward and reverse 4-wheel drive, mulching kits and fantastic manoeuvrability, as well as being compact and easy to load into trailers or large vans for transportation.


The 2SGS model offers all of the excellent features of the ILD02 but with a lower profile, flat top, designed for maintaining turf around and beneath solar PV panels.

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