Ventrac 4520 Tractor

Elevate to the next level

The compact tractor that’s light on the land, nimble over contours, powerful and agile in use, providing exceptional operator safety. With more than 30 front-mounted attachments, this is probably the only compact tractor you will ever need..

The latest model in Ventrac’s acclaimed 4500 range of compact tractors is the 4520. The Ventrac FlexFrame allows the 4500 tractor to both articulate and oscillate. These benefits make it possible for the machine to crawl over terrain no matter how it changes, allowing more stability and capability to work on slopes up to 30 degrees when all-wheel-drive and the twin-wheel option is fitted.

With a range of more than 30 front-mounted attachments, the Ventrac 4520 will become your go-to choice for all turf and ground maintenance tasks.

The Ventrac 84” Contour Mower , with its three independent decks, will gently float over slopes and in and around dips. The contour design helps prevent scalping and gouging of the turf and gives you a fairway finish at a fraction of the cost of other contour mowers.

For peripheral areas, the Ventrac Tough Cut, easily clears thick weeds, high grass, brush, and small saplings up to one inch in diameter.

Large flotation tyres help to maintain a light footprint and outstanding grip even when large attachments such as the EA600 AERA-vator (below left) are in use.

Available with over 30 front-mounted attachments

Make your Ventrac 4500 series tractor into a contour mower, flail mower, finish mower, aerator, leaf blower, snow clearer and much more…

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