Grass care solutions from Greentek


Greentek are a leading supplier of greens mower attachments, providing products for many industry areas including golf courses, football pitches, bowling greens, polo pitches and much more.


Greentek solutions include groomers and brushes for fairways, greens and pitches, rollers, and the Thatch-Away Supa System.


Greentek groomers rake and lift out thatch and debris from the grass, enabling air to circulate better and reducing the risk of fungal disease, as well leaving a beautifully groomed and striped finish.

Rollers offer year-round use to restore your grass surface, whether they require a light rolling or greater pressure to firm up turf or for truing up after aeration.


Thatch-Away’s unique ability to cleanly cut out and collect up thatch, as well as grooming the surface ensures the turf is left beautifully tidy and immediately playable.

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