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Wiedenmann were initially known for introducing the Terra Spike range of deep aerators, with its product range now expanded to incorporate even more quality innovative machines for natural and artificial turf.

The Terra Spike has made its name as the best deep loosening machine specially designed for golf courses, sports grounds, recreational areas and municipal parts.


Regular deep spiking and aeration are essential for healthy root growth. Once ground is decompacted, the roots can penetrate deeper into the ground and make better use of water and nutrients, which water and air circulation also instantly improve.

There are five versatile ranges of Terra Spike high performance aerators in a variety of widths to suit your requirements.


The Wiedenmann Whisper Twister and larger Mega Twister are efficient leaf and debris blowers for pitches, parks and estates, both with patented ‘whisper’ turbines. The innovative side-routed airflow system operatives with spent air discharged through a low level air vent, allowing the ground to absorb almost all of the noise.

With 180 and 230 degree swivel action, the blowers are versatile yet quiet, ideal for low noise or residential areas, while being stable on uneven terrain helped by a large support wheel.


For artificial turf, Wiedenmann offer a range of attachments including brushes, cleaner/collectors, groomers, and rakes, of which many attachments can also be used for natural turf when removing thatch or applying top dressings and sand.

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