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Bought to you by Groundpro- innovative machines by Maredo for your turf maintenance.

Maintaining your turf in a more sustainable way is at the forefront of Maredo’s machine designing process, with new technologies that can reduce the tractor size and required power.

Specialising in independent cassettes to fit walk behind powerunits, triplex green mowers and also behind compact tractors, they are easily adjustable to all your needs.

When the MT200 Flex-Verticutter heads are mounted behind a tractor, it becomes a verticutter. All heads are mechanically driven, fully flexible and can follow the undulations individually navigating curves easily. The machine can be used for a shallow cut (verticut) or a deeper cut (scarifying). With its reverse rotating blades and heavy duty chain drive, it creates perfectly cut slits to assist with breaking up the thatch.  Also easy depth adjustment by hand and no tools required.

Maredo ST Range

The all new Maredo ST range is an innovative and unique series of machines. The main role of the ST series machine is for the STrac 700- a pedestrian tool-carrier; the ’tools’ being Maredo
ST heads. These ST heads are equipped with the proven Maredo quality and technology. It features multiple rear wheel positions, hydrostatic wheel drive and interchangeable heads between a Verticutter, Vibedisc Seeder, Vibespike Aerator and a Flexfraze mower. A tool to cover everybody’s  needs!

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