Cushman 1600XD

Cushman 1600XD 4×4 Utility Vehicle

The Cushman 1600XD 4×4 utility vehicle comes with a 22hp diesel engine, rugged tyres, 4 wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension making it capable of tackling rough terrain with ease no matter the task, perfect for environments such as farms, construction sites, outdoor events, private estates, parks, gardens and much more.

Additional features include a 14.4 cubic feet steel cargo bed, full ROPS for safety and lighting all around for use in any weather. Further comfort comes from the 3-point seatbelts and windshield, as well as aa spacious ergonomic dash with plenty of storage for all the day to day essentials.

In fact, the lighting on the 1600XD is road legal and the vehicle is homologated as a tractor, making it perfect for use around the site and out on the road.

Finally, the Cushman 1600XD can be provided with an optional hydraulic system for powering implements and attachments,  as well as a towbar to take with you trailers and equipment beyond that which fits into the spacious cargo bed.

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