Cushman Hauler Range

Cushman Hauler Range

With a Hauler from Cushman you’ll experience a true utility vehicle at it’s best. Powerful and robust, the Hauler range can be utilised in all manner of situations, such as:

  • Golf courses
  • Public spaces
  • Parks, Gardens and Estates
  • Construction sites
  • Farms
  • School, College and University campuses,
  • Holiday parks and Hotels
  • and much more!

Cushman Haulers have seating for two people, powerful towing ability and huge storage and load capacity, enabling you to move around site quickly and easily as well as transporting all materials and equipment safely. With excellent payloads you can move more, in less time, making light work of your larger tasks.

Not only that, you can be sure to use your Hauler safely any time of the day or night, with headlights, tail lights and indicators, canopy and dashboard with plenty of storage, all provided as standard features on all Hauler models.

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