Flail Mowers

Flail mowers from Ransomes

The individual cutting head floats like a cylinder, with robust flails which take knocks and debris with ease to keep you productive, providing a quality cut no matter the turf type. Robust Müthing® flail technology is joined by a powerful, Stage V compliant engine in the 2023 HR380 to make an outfront for the frontline. This roadworthy mower is proven in cutting areas that are mown less frequently and has low-maintenance features, fewer moving parts and smart onboard diagnostics. Versatile and manoeuvrable, the HR380 is ideal for cutting grass which is not regularly mowed. 

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The MT503 cuts with robust MT Ransomes flails and is built with low-maintenance features. Powered by a Stage V compliant engine and featuring an ultra-comfort smart operator platform with on-board diagnostics, this machine is built to work and make a hard job easier.

The HM600, built in collaboration with Müthing, delivers a robust and manoeuvrable mower with the ability to tackle the toughest jobs with finesse.

Leaving an even spread of mulched clippings, the HM600 can tackle irregular cuts as well as maintained areas with ease, bringing all areas back under control.

Powered by a 65hp Kubota turbo diesel engine, the 3.2m cut width can handle steep terrain and tough conditions, with striping rear rollers and mulching technology from Müthing to provide a premium after-cut appearance and superb mulching and grass clipping distribution. With the HM600  you can visit one site and mow it all, with safe transport and increased productivity.

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